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The Design to Produce Better Marking Dogs

Bumper Boy launchers were designed to provide the ultimate in marking training. Why do dogs trained on Bumper Boy's win more often in competitions? Many trainers today understand that a remote program offers many advantages in dog development versus conventional, hand thrown marks. Here's a list of a few reasons why Bumper Boy trained dogs are ahead of the competition:

High Flying Marks - Flapping Streamers:

  1. High shot marks - these provide a higher degree of concentration on the marking area. Bumper Boy dogs lock in, and this stops head swing to the next mark. This is due to the high shot and long track time, which builds desire and anticipation.
  2. Flapping streamer - Streamers are key to remote training with your pet. They provide action on the bumper, like a bird flying. This provides increased desire from the dog, as well as better concentration and visibility.
  3. Feature 22 cal power - Bumper Boys use 22 cal shells that produce large amounts of energy to launch a standard weight bumper and streamer. Other projectile systems that do not use 22 cal shells do not have the power to launch heavy bumpers, or streamers, and deal with heavy wind conditions. Every dog trainer knows if your dog can't hold the wind, you do not win. Power is the key. It supports the high shot, the flapping streamer, and training into the wind.

The Dogs' View -

d. High Bird - Looks like a bird
e. Long fall - Drives the dog crazy
f. Flaps - Look like a bird, due to movement

In general, the Bumper Boy design creates a building desire within the dog and the system allows the dog to train in a variety of ways.

Timing -

When we push our remotes, it instantly fires. Dogs need to respond to instant timing.

As every dog trainer understands, timing is the most important tool a dog trainer has. Launching the bumper at the instant the dog looks makes the difference between failure and success when it comes teaching the new double, or triple drills, as well as a new drill. Your launch timing has to be as fast as your E-Collar timing. We are talking less than 200 Milliseconds, or you lose the opportunity to teach, or correct your dog.

Bumper Boy is designed to launch within 100 Milliseconds of the press of a button. It's that fast, the same as your E-Collar - INSTANT RESPONSE system! With the successful nature of our timing system, your dog training improves in a variety of ways:
  • Teaching double
  • Handling drill
  • Fire drill
  • Correction for returning to old fall
  • No go problems
  • Handling issues
  • Line problems
  • Help
  • Repeats

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