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Support Video - You Just Received Your Bumper Boy

This video discusses what you should do when you receive your Bumper Boy. It will show you what comes with your unit out of the box, and explain how to operate the unit. Next, it will tell you how to load the units, adjust the angle at which the unit shoots, how to lubricate the unit, and how to fire the unit.

Download video:
ReceivingBB-2.wmv (11.52 MB)

Support Video - Safety

This video describes the safest ways to use your Bumper Boy units. It outlines steps including storage, making sure your unit is never loaded unless in use, and to make sure the last thing you do is to cock the firing pin. It also discusses the issue of fires in warm climates such as California.

Download video:
SafetyNew.wmv (16 MB)

Support Video - Mounting Your Speaker

This video discusses the proper steps to mount your speaker, including keeping the receiver loose to allow the recoil from the machine to allow the unit to flow. It discusses the step by step instructions to mount the speaker to your unit.

Download video:
MountingSpeakerNew.wmv (14 MB)

Maintaining your BumperBoy

This video discusses spare parts required to test the unit if you ever have a problem, as well as what you need to do to ensure your Bumper Boy will be working properly at all times. It goes over the most common issues, as well as tips to keep your unit running smoothly.

Download video:
MaintenanceNew.wmv (13 MB)

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