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Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the difference between the Sportsman and the Derby Double?

- There are two key differences between the two models. Both reside in the electronics. The first difference is the electronics used. The Sportsman model comes with the Sportsman series electronics. The Sportsman transmitter is designed for only one launcher control. The Derby Double comes with the Pro Series electronics and the Pro Transmitter, which can operate multiple launchers.

- The second difference is in the sound system. Both models include the same standard sound system. The advanced sound option for the Sportsman gives you the Duck call. However, the advanced sound option for the Derby Double gives you all four sounds (Duck, Pheasant, Goose, and Human).

2. Can I upgrade my Sportsman to a Derby Double?

- Yes. Because the two models are the same mechanically, you can simply upgrade the electronics. Call our customer service department at 1-800-729-3822 to find out how to get your electronics upgraded.

3. Can I program my transmitter to operate my friend's launcher when we train together?

- Yes. Using a simple programming sequence, either transmitter can be used to operate both launchers. Periodically, we do software updates in our electronics and, to be compatible, both sets of electronics must be on the same version.

4. How do I get my electonics updated or repaired?

- Bumper Boy guarantees we can upgrade, maintan or repair your electronics up to 3 years after you purchase the unit. If you have electronics older than 3 years, Bumper Boy cannot make that guarantee and an upgrade may be necessary.

- To get the software micro-code updates for your electronics, call our customer service department for a return authorization number and send in your electronics to us. We will install the new version of the software and ship them back to you. The update is done at no charge and all you pay is the shipping cost. If a repair is necessary, there will be a service charge applied.

- If you need electronics repaired, there is usually a labor service charge of $40 per unit.

5. How long does it take to receive my order?

- From the time the order is placed, most orders ship out within two or three days. Normal shipping time through Ground service is 5 business days. Express shipping is available for faster delivery. Ask our customer service reps for shipping rates. Ground and Express service requires a signature in most cases.

6. What kind of maintenance is needed for the launchers?

- We recommend performing the basic maintenance described in your owner's manual. Periodic cleaning and lubricating will allow your Bumper Boy launcher to operate to optimal performance. If you never clean or lubricate your gun, it will eventually stop firing. See your owner's manual or our Customer Service page for more details.

7. Does my Bumper Boy come with a warranty?

- Yes, when you purchase a Bumper Boy launcher, it comes with a one year warranty including parts and labor (shipping not included). Smart Bumpers and Teals come with a 30-day warranty, as do Camo Cases. Extended warranties are also available.
Bumper Boy requires that customers have a valid bill of sale to receive warranty service.

8. What is the warranty, refund and cancellation Policy?

- Bumper Boy will accept returns on unused product within 30 days (shipping not included).
Bumper Boy launchers come with a one-year warranty. Smart Bumpers, Teals and Camo Cases have a warranty of 30 days. Replacement servos have a warranty of 15 days. Extended warranties are available. Warranty does not include shipping.

Orders are shipped within 2-3 days, thus cancellation of an order can occur before the item is shipped.

Questions? Call 1-800-729-3822 ext 221

9. How do I set the angle adjustment rod on my bumper boy to a different angle?

- Please see the "Setting Angle Adjustment Rod" video. camera

10. How do I set the unit so it is bi-directional?

- Please see the "Setting Bumperboy unit to Bi-Directional" video. camera

**** If you have additional questions, please call customer service at 1-800-729-3822 ext 221. In order to get warranty or repair service, customers must have a valid bill of sale and a Return Authorization number.

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