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Upgrade Program Terms & Condition

This program is not an order. It provides you a priority date once the product is officially released. This release date will be posted on our website, with delivery dates' scheduled. Upgrade orders will have shipping priority.

Note: Until the product is officially released, no delivery date can be promised or provided. The following other benefits are provided in this pre-order program:

- Priority shipping dates after official product release
- Pre-order Upgrade price will be honored
- Note : After release this special pricing will not be available
- Free service or replacement will be providing for all electronic to upgrade customers. These will include new batteries, repair, replacement parts, etc.

Bumper Boy continues to strive to provide customers with the most cost effective growth path, and has designed this program to save you service money as new products are planned and released.

New features for Bumper Boy,
Powered by Hawx Dog & Gun™

A new generation of exciting training and hunting features are again available from Bumper Boy. With over 16 new features including easy operation and sound selection, waterproof transmitter, e-collar ready, Dog & Gun™ ready and Auto run or trial mode, plus many more shown below:

Upgrade now for just $100.00 for your 1 Mile Transmitter, and just $90.00 for each receiver!

What new operating features are available?
Easier to operate and learn

New Three button system for easy use

No programming involved; just pairing your units

Combination Keys - Sound/Launch

Easy to operate all-in-one training systems - Bumper Boy plus E-Collar control

Change sound now on your receiver

Auto Run Ready
Runs your launchers like a field trial, and allows you to concentrate 100% on your dog versus trying to find what button to push. see Auto Run

Easy to Run Third party launchers and Bumper Boy Launchers - up to 6 receivers and capable of supporting (3) third party devices per receiver. Easy to plug in with third party RCA jack. No programming involved - Just pair your units
3 easy steps -
1. Place the receiver in pairing mode.
2. Select launcher number
3. Press any button

Customize your Sounds for different training setups

Rugged/Reliable - 100% waterproof transmitter - Water resistant receiver
The transmitter is a rugged, ergonomically designed 100% waterproof, submersible, high quality transmitter for the most rugged of training environments. The receiver is water resistant, and designed for any type of training, whether it be sunny or in heavy rain. However, not submersible.

Guaranteed Charge - Fast Charging/AC Charging/Car Charing
This new feature allows you to charge in 10 minutes in the field, to accomplish your training requirements. Full charge can be accomplished in 2 hours through an AC Adapter, or a car charger. You will never be out in the field and have to deal with units that are low battery.

Reliability and Durability - Solid State surface mount technology
1. State of the art mechanical design
2. Silicone, ruggedized cover
3. Lithium Ion replaceable batteries
4. 100% computer tested

Extended Warranty - 2 year warranty
All Bumper Boy/Hawx electronics come with a 2 year warranty, and 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee.

Cost effective - All-in-one Training system
The days are over where you have to have 2 transmitters, 1 running launcher controls and one running your E-Collar. This conventional design is a nightmare to operate, and a $300 dollar expense that any trainer does not need. All Bumper Boy launchers can support E-Collar control in either .5 mile or 1 mile range (dependent on transmitter)
See Hawx - www.hawxdoggun.com

Use It Anywhere - Third Party Compatible
Bumper Boys can support any third party device or launcher. These include wingers, other launchers, Motion, or Retired Gunners. An easy to use auxiliary RCA jack is available, plus you can order wiring harnesses which allow you to control up to another 2 third party devices.

Speaker durability and flexibility - All New Speaker Mount
Advanced sound and remote training has proven to be one of the most essential features, in remote training and young dog development. The new speaker mount allows you to adjust the speaker, protects it from vibration damage, and the harsh environment

Investment protection/Price Performance - Upgrade offer
This upgrade is priced to protect your training investment, and allow you to upgrade to the most current technology at phenomenal price performance. Older units that require a battery change can cost anywhere from $45 to $65 dollars. The cost of new electronics is $80 for a transmitter, and just $65 for a receiver. This substantial improvement provides enhanced investment protection.

No Training disruption - How it works
Pre-order now at our online store under "New Electronics" store.bumperboy.com

Your credit card will be charged 30 days before delivery. Once your upgraded electronics are received, please send back your old Bumper Boy electronics within 30 days. If you neglect to send back your old electronics, your credit card will be charged the full cost ($210 - transmitter; $190 - receiver). Orders are now shipping. Call today!

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