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Summary of Bumper Boy versus gas-designed units

Trainability - How well it trains your dog.

Bumper Boy provides an instant fire, while propane units have a delay to load the propane and then fire (1 to 1.5 seconds). Dog training is all about timing, thus this consideration should be strongly evaluated by all trainers. Bumper Boy has over 400 professional trainers and dominates in Field trails and Hunt tests.

Bumper weight and launching power - Bumper Boys use a bumper with good weight and streamers. Unfortunately propane units have to use very lightweight Bumpers because gas cannot produce the kind of power required to launch a standard weight bumper. Several issues should be understood:

  1. Streamers are essential in remote training to allow the dog to see long marks, which is very different then hand thrown marks. Streamers need a lot of launching power.
  2. Dogs like normal bumpers better, as well as hold onto them more easily. In addition, BanGo teals can be used to provide variety and to shoot over the dog’s head, as they are lighter.
  3. Essential to any training is learning to hold a line into the wind. Bumper Boys can fire directly into the wind due to their power and the bumper weight. That is not the case with propane gas systems and their lightweight bumpers.

Maintainability - Both designs are mechanical and will require maintenance.

Bumper Boy uses a design that can be maintained in the field for years to come. The firing assemblies last for a lifetime, and the small motor used is a standard hobby servo that will be available for the next 100 years and can be changed by the user. Bumper Boy units should never have to be repaired in the factory. The owner can easily do all repairs for under $20 dollars in the field. On the other hand, propane gas units use custom and expensive parts that may or may not be available in the future, thus repairs are much more complex.

Bumper Boys have multiple firing mechanisms versus a single gas burn unit.

The benefit to multiple firing mechanisms is that all units rarely go down at once, so you can still train if you run into a problem.

Reloading Time:

There are trade offs in this area:

Reloading takes 15 seconds on a Bumper Boy, while gas does not require reloading. However it takes 15 minutes to walk out to load new bumpers on both types of launchers, so you do not save a significant amount of time in reloading. However, the power, timing and marking advantages are considerable with the Bumper Boy.


Advanced Sound - (Duck, Goose, Pheasant & Human digital sounds)- A must for remote training

General - Lightweight, bi-directional, upgradeable

For the reasons listed above, Bumper Boy decided on its current technology over 8 years ago and still feels that this technology offers significant advantages over gas designs. However, as the leader in this field, we still investigate any new technology that brings advantages to our customers.

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