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"Save time, and have more fun Training."

The need for a system like BUMPER BOY arose when it became apparent that in the sport of Field Trials the trainers who could afford the time to do multiple marks on water and land four to five times a week had superior performances to the trainers that did not.

Retired amateurs and professional trainers are often able to expose their dogs to the tests which need teaching, such as water quads, in line triples, and the demanding retired gunner. How can a person who has other demands on their time compete in this sport? No matter how high quality your dog is, how can he compete against other dogs that have completed similar patterns in training hundreds of times? How can a small group of amateur trainers possibly compete without the assistance of a professional to learn these patterns? Those days are over!

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BUMPER BOY was designed to provide a complete training system for dog trainers that have working retrievers, of any age. All dogs that place consistently at the top in field trials or hunt tests are not only great dogs with great trainers, but they have been conditioned on great tests in training. Now BUMPER BOY gives you the same advantages as those who can afford to hire full time throwers or spend all day with large groups to expose their dogs to the much needed multiple marks and blind retrieves. In addition, you don't have to spend your three or four hours tucked in behind the tulles on the long gun listening to the drone of mosquitoes. Other than the live bird station, which will require live birds and gunners, this system does not require throwers. Now you can sit behind the line in the comfort of your lawn chair and enjoy your friends and your dogs. Less work and more fun - that is the concept.

BUMPER BOY was designed to provide you opportunity to advance your dog to the highest level with the most effective use of time. The system helps you modify his behavior through continuous exposure to high quality tests and patterns until he can consistently work at Championship levels. A dog does best what a dog does most often. So this system will allow you to increase the quality of your training sessions by doing the difficult tests more often. Our criterion is to provide a system whereby you can move the equipment (bumpers, images, guns, sound, etc) required to do a complex triple to the field in one easy move. Once you have BUMPER BOY in place you can run three or four dogs as well as repeat a bumper if required, to emphasize a concept. BUMPER BOY gives you unlimited possibilities to teach your dog.

Take a close look at the design of BUMPER BOY. The gunner image is designed so that it can move to attract the attention of a young dog to a long gun, stay visible wearing a white coat to encourage young dogs to seek the line to the gunner, turn around to expose a camouflage coat for hunt test concepts, or retire. This is all easily accomplished by the sophisticated electronics built into your new BUMPER BOY remote training system. In addition the system has an excellent remote audio that lets the dog become accustomed to pheasant, duck and grouse sounds. The .22 propellant for the bumpers ensures that the movements of the BUMPER BOY image and stimulating game bird calls, are followed at the exact time by a shot and the delivery of a bumper or bird, that lands in the right spot every time. Once you become familiar with all the features of the BUMPER BOY, it will perform all the functions of a real trained bird boy.

The next design criteria was to make it more reliable than a human helper. It had to throw the birds or bumpers in the same spot every time with a nice arc and no backward throws. It had to adjust to the terrain. The gun could not jam. We did not want to have to wake the gunner up from his nap, we didn't want it swatting bugs during the running of a quad, eating lunch, or leaving for school. We didn't want to drive 15 miles to pick him up, or have to replace him after two years. Yes, BUMPER BOY meets all of the above criteria. It is a reliable mechanical system, with an easy to use remote transmitter that you never have to look at.

BUMPER BOY is a compact lightweight training system that allows you the time and capability to develop the next National Champion. When you drive by a pond at lunch and see a concept that your dog needs work on, you can stop, set up the triple, run the test and get back to work before your friends schedule their throwers. You can train with your friend as well, but now no one has to be out on that long gun. Your dog learns more, you become a better trainer and everyone has more fun!

BUMPER BOY's winning or getting results formula is simple: Save Time and have more Fun Training. Augment your BUMPER BOY system with shot flyers or live birds from a winger and this system will bring you the best trained dog you have ever owned. We believe your success comes from the training time, the actual time the dog is running in the field, not the transportation, setups, or waiting time. This system is designed to bring you success.

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